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Discipline Policies

Student Conduct Policies and Guidelines

The Ridge View Student Handbook should be used as a guideline for student behavior. No attempt is made to include every situation arising during a school year. Administrators will deal with all occurrences through a fair, common sense approach. In addition to the guidelines in the handbook, students are responsible for information given during student orientations, which take place during the first two weeks of school or when a student enters the school during the year.

The Richland Two Discipline Procedures for Technology Infractions is a companion document to Electronic Communications and Data Management Administrative Rule IJND-R(2).  Refer to the Board Policy and the School Device Management Plan for additional information.

The school administration reserves the right to handle any actions mentioned in this document or any other actions in the misuse of technology in the manner they feel is the most appropriate. Technology discipline offenses will also result in the restricted use of personal mobile computing devices while on school grounds.


Metal Detector

When the school administration has reasonable cause to believe that identified or unidentified students possess weapons, when there has been a pattern of finding weapons at school, when violence involving weapons has occurred at school, or when the administration determines that the safety of the school requires it, a hand-held metal detector will be used in accordance with established procedures. Any search of a student’s person as a result of the activation of the detector will be conducted in private.

The purpose of using a metal detector is to enhance security by preventing students from bringing weapons or other dangerous objects to school. School district regulations state that a student may not possess, use or transfer dangerous weapons. Any student who violates district regulations will be disciplined in accordance with district policy.


Student Behavior Code

The Board of Trustees recognizes that rules of student conduct and consequences for violations are necessary for the orderly operation of the District’s schools. It shall be the philosophy of the District, however, to handle all student disciplinary matters at the lowest supervisory level possible and in the most reasonable manner possible. No disciplinary action shall be taken without all procedural rights being afforded to students and their parents as provided by State law, State Board of Education regulation, or the policies of this District. The behavior code has been developed by Ridge View High School to include recommendations from board policies.